Jeneé E. Saunders

Chief Information Security Officer in Training

About Me

With over 24 years of experience in information technology, including more than 15 years specializing in security, I am a seasoned professional poised to take on the role of Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Throughout my career, I have honed my expertise in developing and implementing robust security measures to protect organizations against evolving cyber threats.

As a security-focused professional, I have a deep understanding of the complex challenges faced by modern organizations. I have successfully designed and executed comprehensive security strategies, policies, and procedures, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical information assets.

My extensive experience in leading security initiatives and managing cross-functional teams has equipped me with the leadership skills necessary to navigate the ever-changing threat landscape. I have a proven track record of building strong security cultures within organizations, fostering awareness, and driving compliance with industry regulations and best practices.

My ability to assess risks, identify vulnerabilities, and implement effective mitigation measures has resulted in tangible improvements in security posture for the organizations I have served. I have successfully collaborated with stakeholders at all levels, from executives to IT teams, to align security objectives with business goals and ensure a holistic approach to risk management.

As a forward-thinking professional, I stay at the forefront of emerging security trends and technologies. I continuously seek opportunities to enhance my knowledge and skills through certifications, industry events, and ongoing professional development. My passion for staying ahead of the curve allows me to anticipate and proactively address potential threats, enabling organizations to operate with confidence in an increasingly digital world.

With my extensive experience and proven expertise, I am ready to take on the role of CISO and lead organizations in developing comprehensive security strategies. I am committed to driving a culture of security awareness, promoting continuous improvement, and safeguarding critical assets. If you are seeking a visionary and results-driven leader to elevate your organization's security posture, I am poised to make a significant impact as your next great security hire.

**Let's Collaborate to Strengthen Your Security Future.**


"Right is right, even if everyone is against it, and wrong is wrong, even if everyone is for it." - William Penn

I firmly believe in the importance of ethical conduct and maintaining integrity in all aspects of information security. This quote by William Penn resonates with my core values, reminding me to always do what is right, regardless of popular opinion or prevailing trends. Upholding the highest standards of honesty, fairness, and transparency is fundamental to my approach as an information security professional.



Federal Bureau of Investigation - Information Technology Specialist

A seasoned Information Technology Specialist, my focus centers on enhancing organizational resilience against evolving cyber threats. With a track record of devising and executing comprehensive security strategies, policies, and protocols, the aim is to lead your organization towards an elevated state of digital security.

Expertise spans conducting meticulous risk assessments to uncover vulnerabilities, developing and implementing tailored security controls, and responding adeptly to potential risks and incidents.

A key strength lies in navigating complex environments and leading interdisciplinary teams towards a unified goal. Passionate about fostering heightened security awareness and compliance with industry regulations, collaboration across departments, from executive leadership to IT teams, is a priority to align security initiatives with overarching objectives.

Proficient in ensuring compliance with standards such as NIST, FedRAMP, and ISO 27001, these regulations are seamlessly integrated into the fabric of the organization. This ensures a strong and resilient posture.

Further expertise encompasses security architecture design and implementation, recognizing the critical nature of a well-constructed foundation. Commitment extends to business continuity and disaster recovery planning, navigating unforeseen challenges with confidence.

Technica - Senior Security System Engineer

In the dynamic realm of cybersecurity excellence, I, proudly emerge as a distinguished Senior Security System Engineer, showcasing a remarkable track record in conceptualizing and implementing resilient security solutions. With a mastery of network security, vulnerability assessments, and incident response, I adeptly analyze intricate systems, identify vulnerabilities, and pioneer inventive strategies to safeguard invaluable assets.

My journey is defined by seamless collaboration with cross-functional teams, where I provide visionary leadership that propels groundbreaking security initiatives. My adeptness in security technologies and frameworks empowers me to engineer impervious barriers and preemptively mitigate risks.

At the core of my ethos lies an unwavering commitment to ensuring uninterrupted business continuity, even amid the ever-evolving landscape of modern threats. Drawing from a wealth of experience garnered through conquering challenges and achieving milestones, I am primed to leverage this expertise, guiding organizations towards an unassailable security stance.

As the digital landscape continually transforms, I bring forth an unconventional role—one that champions proactive infrastructure fortification and adept risk navigation. Anchored in a strategic and solution-driven philosophy, I stand sentinel, devoted to shielding the digital realm and pioneering new horizons in the intricate domain of security.

N-Tieractive - Security Information Assurance Engineer

Renowned for orchestrating comprehensive security measures and safeguarding invaluable critical assets. With a track record of excellence, I specialize in assessing intricate security risks, devising robust security architectures, and seamlessly implementing effective controls that fortify your organization's digital fortresses.

My proficiency extends to conducting meticulous vulnerability assessments, executing meticulous penetration testing, and orchestrating swift and strategic incident responses. What sets me apart is my innate ability to foster collaboration among diverse stakeholders, ensuring seamless alignment with industry regulations and standards.

Fueled by profound knowledge of information security frameworks, including NIST, ISO, and CIS, I provide your organization with a sturdy foundation for fortified defenses. My proactive problem-solving approach, coupled with an unwavering attention to detail, empowers me to foresee and navigate emerging threats, thereby maintaining a proactive stance in our ever-evolving cyber landscape.

Schafer - Information System Security Manager/Network Systems Manager

My central focus revolves around the establishment and maintenance of a secure and resilient network environment. I have consistently showcased my proactive approach and strategic thinking by spearheading the implementation of comprehensive security measures, ensuring the safeguarding of network infrastructure and sensitive data.

My leadership capabilities shine through in my ability not only to manage but also to nurture and cultivate high-performing teams. I take immense pride in fostering a team culture that is deeply committed to upholding the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of critical systems. This commitment is seamlessly translated into the design and optimization of intricate network architectures, where the seamless integration of security controls is a non-negotiable priority.

Incorporating my proficiency in conducting meticulous risk assessments and pinpointing vulnerabilities within network systems, I craft and execute highly effective mitigation strategies. My strength lies in translating intricate security concepts into tangible and actionable plans, thereby fortifying the network against the relentless evolution of cyber threats. Drawing from a wealth of knowledge in industry best practices, compliance regulations, and the latest security technologies, I bring forth a comprehensive perspective that empowers me to navigate the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity.

A hallmark of my professional journey is the consistent achievement of impactful outcomes within fast-paced environments. This accomplishment is bolstered by my exceptional problem-solving skills and adept communication abilities, which have been instrumental in fostering collaboration across diverse teams and departments.

InfoRisk Incorporated - Owner

I am the proud owner of a dynamic cybersecurity consultancy, driven by an unwavering commitment to enhancing your organization's security posture. With a wealth of hands-on experience and a deep understanding of the evolving cyber landscape, I specialize in crafting tailored strategies that effectively mitigate risks and safeguard critical assets. My consultancy is more than just a service – it's a partnership focused on translating complex cybersecurity challenges into practical solutions that empower your business to thrive securely.

Drawing upon years of expertise, I lead a team of dedicated professionals who share my passion for excellence. Together, we conduct comprehensive security assessments, design robust defense mechanisms, and provide strategic guidance to ensure your organization's resilience. Beyond technical proficiency, I excel in forging strong collaborations and partnerships, working seamlessly with stakeholders across all levels to align cybersecurity with your broader business objectives.

I am not just a consultant; I am your strategic cybersecurity ally. My approach combines strategic thinking with hands-on execution, ensuring that cybersecurity acts as a catalyst for your success rather than a hindrance. I thrive on innovation and relentlessly seek cutting-edge solutions to safeguard your digital assets. Let's connect and explore how my consultancy can empower your organization with the expertise and confidence needed to flourish in today's ever-evolving digital landscape.

Jeremiah Lee - Founder

Devoted to the profound transformation of underserved communities, my unwavering dedication spans across a multifaceted spectrum encompassing community engagement, education, health and wellness, financial literacy, and cutting-edge technology integration. I am resolutely committed to spearheading comprehensive initiatives that bring about meaningful and sustainable change.

With a proven and distinguished background, I specialize in forging strategic partnerships that amplify the impact of every endeavor. My adeptness in program development ensures that these collaborations flourish into well-orchestrated symphonies of positive change, enhancing the quality of life for individuals within these communities.

At the heart of my mission lies a steadfast commitment to empowering individuals. By harnessing the power of education, fostering community engagement, and facilitating access to essential resources, I aim to create a ripple effect that reverberates through generations. My unswerving focus on creating tangible and enduring impact serves as the bedrock of my work.

I stand as a driving force behind a vision of inclusivity, equity, and holistic progress. My journey is fueled by the belief that each community possesses untapped potential, waiting to be unlocked through purposeful action. As an advocate for transformation, I am prepared to leverage my expertise, skills, and boundless passion to uplift underserved communities and steer them towards a future filled with promise and opportunity.


Masters of Science in Computer, Information, and Networking with Concentration in Network Security - DePaul University

I am a distinguished graduate, achieving academic honors while specializing in the dynamic and crucial field of cybersecurity and network defense. My educational journey encompassed a comprehensive curriculum, delving into essential areas such as advanced network protocols, cutting-edge encryption techniques, intricate intrusion detection methodologies, and the art of crafting secure network designs. Through my dedicated coursework, I have cultivated a deep understanding of these critical components, equipping me with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in safeguarding digital landscapes. My passion for security extends beyond the classroom, driving me to stay at the forefront of emerging threats and technologies, ensuring that I am well-prepared to address the evolving challenges of the cybersecurity landscape. With a commitment to excellence and a strong foundation in security principles, I am poised to make a meaningful impact in fortifying digital environments and upholding the integrity of information systems.

Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Concentration in Networking - Strayer University

Graduating with distinguished honors, I have acquired a comprehensive and profound understanding of information systems and intricate networking technologies. My educational journey encompassed a rigorous curriculum, immersing me in vital subjects such as advanced network infrastructure, intricate routing and switching strategies, cutting-edge network security protocols, and the intricacies of network administration. Through dedicated coursework and hands-on experiences, I have cultivated a deep expertise in these critical domains, equipping me with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the dynamic realm of information systems and networking.

Chief Information Security Officer Training - SANS Institute

I am proud to be the first SANS Cybersecurity Leadership professional to achieve Triads, demonstrating a profound grasp of the principles of being a Transformational Cybersecurity Leader and an Operational Cybersecurity Executive. Throughout my educational journey, I engaged with a comprehensive range of coursework, delving into essential domains such as technology, strategy, cultural dynamics, vulnerabilities, controls, and operational intricacies. This holistic approach to learning has equipped me with a well-rounded understanding of the multifaceted aspects of cybersecurity leadership. My dedication to continuous improvement and my relentless pursuit of knowledge have prepared me to navigate the complexities of the cybersecurity landscape with confidence and innovation. With a unique blend of theoretical expertise and practical insights, I am well-prepared to drive strategic transformation and operational excellence in cybersecurity endeavors.



CompTIA Certification

Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC)

ISACA Certification

ICAgile Certification

(ISC)2 Certification


Splunk Certification